The leaders at SIUG's community church are commited to the spiritual, emotional, and financial success of all our children and families. We are planning on building a church where the community can find support and resources to help their families.

Leadership & Education

Strength in Unity Global (SIUG) is preparing God fearing leaders for the future. We are invested in the academic success of our children and young adults who will be the leaders of the future. We support our young people with tuition for the university or trade school.

      Support for the family

Our church provides strong ministries for the whole family so that they can serve themselves and their community. Our goal is to grow our own foods, raise goats, and chickens thereby creating jobs for the men and women of the community.   



 Strength in Unity Global is rooted in the Lord's Gospel and teachings of Christ, our services are built on our belief that every human being is important in the sight of God. Our goal is to help poor children and families  reach their highest potential through love, education, nutrition, shelter, and spiritual growth through firm biblical foundation. We need your help. Please donate to bring hope to poor children and families.


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